Are you looking for happiness? Are you looking for an ideal partner and a perfect match for marriage?


Why set up an online dating account and have to share your personal information worldwide with everyone when you could be doing this privately and much more safely? Adagio International introduces the ultimate way to make your dreams a reality. We step in to help you change your life for the better, and help you find a reliable partner for life.


Adagio International was founded by Marina Hoerburger who has been in the matchmaking industry for over two decades. She has the knowledge and experience. She offers a uniquely personal approach that helps to build strong bonds of trust with her clients and deliver really successful outcomes.


‘I am successful in what I love to do. I love bringing happiness to people and creating families, and this is all because we stay involved with our customers throughout the entire matchmaking journey of our members.’ Marina says.


It is crucial for us to provide a safe and secure environment to our members when arranging introductions. In order to identify what our clients are exactly looking for, we establish and maintain trustworthy relationships with them. We determine their goals and support them to find an ideal match. Adagio International guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data.


You will find the partner of your dreams!

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